What is the distance between point A and B? Pretty short if you decide to take a direct route. But if you are anything like me, it is going to be via D with a stopover at G and a mini break at J. This will be followed by a mini detour to M and then some unexpected delays due to S and T and finally catching up with Z and then hello B!

I started out this day with extremely good intentions of starting work on my magnum opus – well, my first attempt at writing stories. And before you go wow! It is not a novella or a God Of Small Things part Two. But it is a book for small ones. Have finally decided to put down on paper some of the stories I have been filling my daughter’s head with. What are my qualifications for the same? None. Zilch. Nada. I am not even a celeb like Madonna or Geri Halliwell. But I am mum to a 5 year old and I guess that counts for something.

Anyway what I have been trying to say since I started out was that I started out wanting to put down all those ideas on paper. But first I had to squeeze in a visit to my mother’s brother’s wife’s sister’s son’s house (after all family is family). And then I had to wipe all the windows down (ever lived in a house with too many windows and a 5 year old with innumerable best friends?). Then I had to take a nap because I was just so tired. Got up, had tea, pretended to be a horse for my daughter (Arabian steed no less) and then powered up the laptop to write – finally! And then instead of working on the stories, started blogging! Somebody help me!

And now it is too late to open the document because hubby and I are heading to Irish Village with some friends for some much deserved beer (for him) and wine (for me)… not to mention the accompanying fried goodies.

As for point B, I guess I will be saying hello tomorrow for sure.

One response to “Procra…”

  1. You go girl!! if you blogs are so entertaining I cant wait to read ur book even the kiddy ones will do..



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