Guilt – For missing gym two days in a row

Guilt – For taking a second helping of ________ (fill in the blanks with whatever)

Guilt – For not writing more

Guilt – For not selling more of my writing

Guilt – For procrastinating

Guilt – For feeling bone-tired

Guilt – For researching and writing instead of playing with my kid

Guilt – For not being as productive as Benjamin Franklin

Guilt – For not making rainbow hued pasta like those Pinterest mums

Guilt – For not being in the mood for romance

Guilt – For resenting the lack of romance

Guilt – For not having enough discipline

Guilt – For being too strict

Guilt, damn it! I try. We try. But I (maybe, we) have been programmed to feel guilty.

I am sure this is not a state of mind unique to me. So what is it that you feel guilty about? If you have the time do drop me a line and tell… or you may just end up feeling guilty for not doing it :p

6 responses to “Guilt”

  1. I don’t want to feel GUILTY, so giving my views Bi. Hmmm…Feel guilty for not playing with your kid and being too..too strict.. and also feel guilty for not bringing in the romance. Ty to change these three points. All the other remaining guilt are okay, should be ignored…:):). Good thing..your pasta has at least 3-4 colors from the rainbow..:), so be happy..:)


  2. Uma Sethumadhavan Avatar
    Uma Sethumadhavan

    love u Aunty…..
    Guilty for not travelling like a freebird..and of course the rest…:-)


    1. Ummm I don’t think mum can see these msgs Uma 🙂


    2. Finally.. today I saw the message of Oct 26th from you .. :):). Thanks Uma for loving me..:). It is so nice to be loved..:).


  3. I too feel guilty all the time esp the gym part…and for me it’s missing two weeks in a row ….:0)
    High time we appreciate and enjoy life and its blessings to the fullest.


  4. Guilt – of being guilty all the time. If I tackle that small bit, life would be perfect! If there is such a thing as perfect life….. ;-p



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