Excerpt 2 – A Dialogue

Excerpt 2


My second excerpt from Second Chances. It is the working title of my novel. Manna (short for Tamanna) is my lead. What do you think of this dialogue? Do let me know if it resonates with you or if you find it clunky. Does it give you any insight into what kind of a person Manna is? Do share your thoughts.



10 thoughts on “Excerpt 2 – A Dialogue

  1. She is free spirited, is in love with life. Also sounds a bit like she has been hurt before. Will sound clunky if it does not resonate with the reader.

    Loved these bite size samples. Can’t wait!!!

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  2. Binu, your lead girl knows what she wants from a relationship…i am not responsible for your happiness…something people just dont realize. Atleast i didnt until i read it somewhere and nodded head.

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