Poem Excerpt

Am slowly limping back into social media. My novel’s final draft is almost done, and I now realise that it is not the final draft. I want to make a few more changes… Aaargh. To paraphrase Deepak from Masaan, “yeh drafts kahe katam nahi hote bey?” (Why doesn’t re-writing come to an end man?)

So, to not hate myself or my book (yes that’s possible when you live with it 24/7) I am blogging and posting again…

Thank you for reading.

Much love


5 responses to “Poem Excerpt”

  1. Congratulations! Are you actively querying now?


    1. No, not yet. Hope to start in November.


    2. Any advice for querying?


      1. Query tracker and writers beware are good starting points. Look up #MSWL hashtag on twitter and identify agents you want to query.


      2. Okay I am learning about agents on Twitter now. Will check out Query Tracker and Writers Beware. Thanks 🙂

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