Prince Of Persia

I watched Prince Of Persia recently… twice. Old school, swashbuckling entertainment. It of course helped that the seriously handsome and very funny Jake Gyllenhall was playing Prince Dastan. But the film is more than just about his good looks and seriously buff bod. The quips worked. And somehow the OTT references to the US governments recent bloopers (for instance the Persian army searching for a hidden cache of arms and the arms-making foundry in Alamut was too obvious a snide wink at the US governments search for WMD in Iraq or should I say Eye-raq) did not jar cause the whole film is so obviously one huge wink toward life. 

There are some who are upset about the cast talking with a Brit accent. But honestly can’t think of anyone who will want to watch a film where Ben Kingsley, Gemma Arterton, Alfred Molina and Jake G are talking with a middle eastern accent! The special effects while great did not overwhelm the action itself. I loved the fact that it wasn’t all CG and that there was a lot of sword fights, parkour inspired jumps and leaps and for-real sets. Thank you Jerry.

Not the smartest movie and definitely not a thought provoking film, but definitely paisa-vasool. And did I mention that no fan of the original Prince game will feel let-down. This film stays true to its heart. Old school as in Errol Flynn as a pirate with dollops of David Niven style humour. Me like lots.


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