Pass the sauce

Definitely chewable

Right then. I said India will win and India lost.

Hmmm… it really doesn’t say much about my ability to predict anything. I should have learnt my lesson from last year but hope springs eternal and I had rather foolishly told my friend that I will eat my hat (I have one) if India loses. Well, we all know now that India lost badly. Curses on those damn short pitched balls. [Note to BCCI: Lay some quick pitches in India (with all that money in your coffers) and insist that our boys practice on that until they can hit a short pitched ball in their sleep.]

So now I am sitting and trying to work my way through my hat… luckily for me it is a straw hat. Never make wagers like this if you only own a Fedora. That is asking for trouble. Anyway one bite down and lots more of hat to chew my way through. Pass the sauce please.

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