Team India

The Indian team needs Sehwag, Sachin, Rahul and Laxman. Our cricketers can’t face short pitch balls. They are over-rated. Get rid of the whole lot of them. Let’s throw stones at their houses and burn a few effigies. Or maybe we should wait till they are definitely out of the world cup. Don’t want to look like fools just in case they manage to scrape through!

The above are just some of the random thoughts you will find floating around on radio, TV, blogosphere, in newspapers and the lower spectrum of the collective consciousness. And in the process we forget that these very men gave us the absolutely wonderful memories of watching our team lift the first T20WC back in 2007. Since then they have treated us to many ODI and test victories, at home and away. Why is it that we are afflicted with such short term memory when it comes to the celebratory good stuff? Some of the television news channels have made a mockery of news with their coverage and round-up of the T20WC! Honestly the nonsence that was ‘Housefull’ resembled reality in comparison.

And why is it that we underestimate these guys and their sense of commitment and patriotism? Seriously don’t think any of them want to deliberately lose – face or the match. And do we really believe that this team that represents our nation is made of bunch of men with an inner core of clay or do we believe that they have an inner core of steel that will stand them in good stead.

I am no expert. Just one who belongs to the billion strong club that supports ‘Indian cricket’. I wouldn’t know a short pitch if it introduced itself to me – on the nogging. But I do know a bit and I for one belive that Team India will win. Short pitch or not, Team India has the mental make-up of winners and that is going to make all the difference.  It is all in the mind and they know it. But it wil honestly be easier for them to dig deep and react with character, dignity and the cunning required to win, if they knew that back home no one is collecting stones and fire-wood.


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