My Glasses Don’t Break

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Not sure how many folks out there have this problem. But in my household, my glasses don’t break. The other day I was looking at our collection of glasses – tea cups, coffee mugs, Japanese tea cups, Arabic tea cups, wine glasses, champagne glasses, assorted water and juice glasses, martini glasses… you get the idea. Some we bought. The others were gifted to us by well-meaning friends. Others are from our travels abroad – cups with the Spanish Steps embossed on them, cups with pictures of the Indonesian countryside, and a beautiful dark blue one that was sold to us by a sister at the Sistine Chapel merchandise centre. They are over-running my cutlery cupboard and bar space. We have had these with us for anything from 3 to 8 years and in all these years these glasses have not broken.



Much loved pieces and much used too but none of them will ever sell at an auction. None of them will secure our future. No chance of a grandchild coming across my tea cups and saying, “Wow! Look at grandma’s tea cups. They will fetch us a few cool bucks at the auction.” So I have no good reason to hang on to these glasses. But I do. You see I am the frugal kind – south Indian. I can’t bring myself to throw away nearly perfect glasses and invest in a set of bone china Heirloom set that would at the least make a beautiful display.

Of course there is no way I can buy another set unless I make space in the cupboard for the new set. I even went as far as giving my daughter her evening milk drink in a ‘big people’ cup. Four months on, she is still using it. Apparently she is even better with cups and glasses than I am! I did try ‘accidentally’ knocking one of the dining table the other day! My husband (who used to play cricket in the good old days) proved to all and sundry that his reflexes are as good as ever as he managed to catch the cup before it hit the ground.

I am desperate. I am also sick and tired of my old tea cups. And I really don’t see strangers queuing up to buy one at bargain at the Saturday flea market. So for the time being I tolerate my cups while I dream of the beautiful Summertime Rose Bone China tea set by Heirloom.

3 responses to “My Glasses Don’t Break”

  1. So four years later, what is the status of the teacups? I am going through the same problem, maybe we should have annual exchange programs with other frugal south indians….. for crockery only!!!!


  2. I love this set . Can you please email me at


    1. Hi Nina
      Thanks for visiting my blog and reading it; but the image was used for demonstration purpose… I am presuming you were referring to the tea set when you said ‘I love this set’.
      If I come across something similar anywhere I will definitely drop you a line.
      Warm regards



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