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Hello dear readers,

Silly of me to address you guys as my dear readers given that I have not posted anything out here for anyone to read for a while. I have used the break to complete the first draft of my very first novel, A River’s Love Song. I am now working on the second draft.

Now that the story is more or less in place, I have started asking myself how to get my story into the hands and onto the screens of potential readers. I did not think beyond traditional publishing initially, but revisited my initial ideas of how to go about getting my story out there as I heard more and more horror stories from newly ‘traditionally’ published authors. Call it serendipity, around the same time, I came across the article You Won’t Make a Living as a Fiction Author by Elle Griffin. If you are a writer or an aspiring writer, do give it a look.

It got me thinking. What is my end goal? To be traditionally published or to be read? The answer, I realized is that I want to be read and make money off it at some point. This has led me to Substack and my newsletter Paper Dreams. My hope for Paper Dreams is that it become a landing pad for readers who want to read stories that deal with the beauty in the ordinary, with the joy, horror, ugliness and heroism hiding right under our noses. And it will have the occassional poem thrown in.

To tie in my work on the two platforms together, I am renaming my WordPress page Paper Dreams too. I want to thank you guys for sticking by me over the years. I now ask you to extend your love and support on to my Substack Newsletter. Please head over to my newsletter Paper Dreams and click the subscribe button and my stories and poems will land in your inbox once every week. The archive of my work to-date and all new work will continue to be available here at

Much love,


4 responses to “Paper Dreams”

  1. Look forward to reading a lot more of your writing Binu. Have always loved your words – written and spoken.


    1. Thanks Sonali😊😊


  2. Thanks Sonali 🤗.


  3. Sure Bi. I wish to get all your writings, and love to read them.
    All the very best & good luck to you. Lots of love.



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