Today, She Gets to Play

Photo by Anthony Cantin on Unsplash
Romance has begun anew.
Lying gentle and bright
on a bed of tender laps
moving in and out
of the Arabian bay.
Madness bubbles in minds
laughter escapes lips
milk spilled on waves
as night melts into day,
The full moon has her way.
The sea smiles.
Draped in a blanket of light,
Flung, not wrapped tight,
her toes tease the shore.
Today, is her favourite day.
Today, she gets to play
With the gentle light
she secretly loves.
Even as the land tugs and pulls,
silent where he lays.

A little poem to ease back into the newsletter routine. The last few weeks were tougher and busier than anticipated, but the good news is that the kiddo is recovering well from her surgery.

This disease and its treatment are both designed in the very bowels of hell, and we (and many others) walk through it on a daily basis. The simple act of facing another day with hope, and not giving in to despair can demand every ounce of energy one has. The fight against the rage and envy that one invariably feels when we wonder, ‘Why me?’ ‘Why my kid?’ or as we watch everyone else live their cancer free lives, corrodes my insides.

At the same time, it has taught me patience and how to live in the moment. Of course, the journey is not yet complete – we have a few more months of radiation and support chemo to get through. Right now, we are in the testing, scanning and planning stage and by God! it is the most frustrating stage as we wait for everything to line up before treatment starts. But at the end of it all we have the carrot of being cancer free dangling at the end of the treatment stick.

However, we all hope to have some semblance of a routine back in our lives once this phase of the treatment commences, sometime next week.

In the meantime, on The Wheel of Time front, I have reached Book No. 11. It was tough going at times because I was irritated as hell by how the female characters were fleshed out – almost all of them were irritatingly stubborn and arrogant. And not one single woman simply crossed her arms. She would cross her arms under her bosom. Every. Single. Time. Despite that I could not set the books aside because the story gallops ahead. Am yet to watch the show though… maybe after I read all the books.

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  1. Here’s to winning the battle, return to normalcy… and your exquisite writing.

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  2. Loved the poem Bi. ❤

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